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About Mariano 

Born 1988 in Switzerland and raised in the suburbs of the city of Biel, Mariano Ronny Sulmoni has always been fascinated by arts.


As the son of a trained tailor, living a life surrounded by creative people, it was surprising when he first decided to complete a commercial education and to work in the publishing industry. But his interests for design became bigger over the years.


When he was already working as an independent fashion consultant and writing an online column for a daily newspaper, he decided to deepen his knowledge about fashion at the Swiss Textile College in Zürich. He recognized very early his talent for fashion design, in particular for women's wear.


Still during his studies, as part of a school project, he founded his own fast-fashion label for women and men's wear: VONBERN CLOTHES.

As his creative talent can never be exhausted, he joined the team of Kandahar Schuhmanufaktur as Creative Director. His first collection for the traditional luxury Swiss shoe manufactory is called URBAN and has been released Spring 2019. His continued passion for women's wear led him to release a capsule collection 2020 under his new brand name MARIANO SULMONI Studio.


Being the creative package he is, Mariano's brain produces more visions on a daily basis than could ever go into any single project or product. Lately, this has led him to one of his more clandestine passions: interior design. As a creative at heart who is well aware of the influence of our surroundings on our creativity and clarity, he has always felt a strong unconscious desire to mold his surroundings to his personal aesthetic. Extending his knowledge in this field is a part of his current journey, aspiring to give a more conscious and purposeful foundation to what had always happened intuitionally. Mariano Sulmoni, a certified interior designer, brings his expertise to various projects. His passion for interior design has led him to infuse his friends' interiors with his sophisticated aesthetic, alongside his professional endeavors. Immersed in the worlds of interiors, art, cultures, and cuisines, Mariano Sulmoni is always evolving his knowledge and seeking to discover all the beauties of this world.

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