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Mariano seamlessly navigated the unique challenge presented by this project, transforming a small studio apartment into an inviting haven for a dynamic young businesswoman with a passion for equestrian pursuits. Balancing practicality with sophistication, Mariano's design expertise shines through every carefully curated element.


The studio's open floor plan, characteristic of modern urban living, inspired a minimalist approach, with subtle colors to create an unobtrusive backdrop. The client's frequent travel necessitated a central location, and the newly built studio in the vibrant Breitenrain neighborhood of Bern perfectly met her criteria. The space boasts striking industrial features, such as a concrete ceiling and walls, complemented by rich hardwood oak flooring and a bespoke kitchen.

Respecting the rental constraints, Mariano retained the existing kitchen and lighting, leveraging their aesthetic appeal as a foundation for his design. The key challenge lay in incorporating a spacious dining area without visually overwhelming the limited square footage. Mariano strategically placed a low closet in the entrance area, cleverly disguising it as a highboard in the kitchen, doubling as a display for the client's cherished decorative pieces and a compact bar area for entertaining.

The heart of the design centers around a generously sized light oak dining table, chosen for its versatility and ability to accommodate up to 10 guests comfortably. Mariano's keen eye for detail is evident in the selection of dining chairs, featuring armrests and a light grey fabric that mirrors the tones used in the sofa and bed headboard. Despite the narrow space, Mariano's bold decision to propose a substantial table underscores his commitment to creating a welcoming environment for the client and her guests.

Acknowledging the unchangeable black kitchen color, Mariano skillfully integrated black accents throughout the interior. This is particularly notable in the chair legs, chosen for their slim aesthetics to visually optimize the available space. The result is a harmonious fusion of practicality and aesthetic finesse, where every element serves a dual purpose, enhancing both functionality and style.

Continuing into the integrated living and bedroom space, Mariano's commitment to creating a multifunctional and comfortable environment becomes even more evident. The introduction of a carefully chosen corner sofa serves a dual purpose—providing ample seating for guests and establishing a cozy lounge area for the client's relaxation. Mariano's deliberate selection of a chaise longue on the left side not only adds a touch of elegance but also acts as a visual separator, demarcating the living room from the dining area seamlessly.

This intentional placement also facilitates the addition of a side table, complete with a stylish table lamp, perfectly positioned for cozy reading or ambient lighting. The living room's character is further accentuated by the unusual orientation of the rug, extending the visual boundaries of the space and subtly delineating the living and sleeping areas.

Mariano's signature style, evident in the project, is marked by his expert fusion of materials. He deftly intertwines light and dark wood, achieving a harmonious balance in the studio. The juxtaposition of white marble living room tables against sleek black bedside tables adds depth and visual intrigue, contributing to the overall coherence of the design.


Beyond material blending, Mariano seamlessly weaves diverse styles to create an eclectic yet harmonious living space. In the living room, his skillful integration of two distinct armchairs, like the balance of yin and yang, adds visual interest and sophistication. This deliberate choice showcases Mariano's nuanced design approach, creating a space that is both diverse and unified.

To reinforce the existing black color palette and to make a bold statement in demarcating the sleeping area from the light-filled living space, Mariano opted for darker furnishings in the bedroom. The black side tables, complete with marble shelves, almost meld into the black back wall, creating a sense of continuity. Yet, the chrome table lamps introduce a captivating contrast, infusing an element of glamour and visual intrigue to the bedroom.


The interplay of colors in the bedroom further demonstrates Mariano's mastery of design. The bed cover in a light gray hue seamlessly complements the tones found in the sofa and dining room chairs. The juxtaposition of light-colored bed linen with a black linen bedspread mirrors the striking contrast observed in the studio's overall color palette - where the black kitchen meets the light oak flooring.

Mariano's ability to intuitively understand and cater to his client's preferences is evident in the thoughtful selection of decor elements. Incorporating the client's passion for horses and art, Mariano curated a collection that speaks to her interests. Notably, the large black and white picture of her horse becomes a focal point, marrying personal passion with interior aesthetics.


In this project, Mariano has not only showcased his prowess in seamlessly blending styles and materials but has also translated his client's individuality into a space that feels uniquely hers - where every design choice reflects not just an aesthetic consideration but a thoughtful response to the client's lifestyle and passions.

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