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penthouse 13


Case study

Introducing an exceptional interior design case study that embodies the essence of my craft. As a passioned interior designer, I continually strive to exceed expectations and bring my clients' visions to life.

In this residential project, my objective was to create a harmonious sanctuary that seamlessly blends comfort, style, and functionality. Meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the client's preferences guided the curation of a balanced palette of colors, textures, and furnishings. Embracing creativity, I pushed boundaries to elevate the space beyond the ordinary. The outcome is an environment that not only meets practical needs but also enriches the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Penthouse Lyss_Main3.png

At the inception of any renovation or interior design endeavor, my initial step involves assessing the location. I meticulously measure and capture photographs of the existing space, dedicating time to truly understand the project and the client's aspirations.

For the Penthouse 13 project, despite being the client myself, I approach the process with the same level of dedication as I would with any other client. During the consultation phase, I thoroughly explore the client's needs, desires, and distinctive aesthetic preferences.

This particular project entailed several specific requests: the desire for a distinct separation between the living, dining, and kitchen areas to create a cozier atmosphere, the inclusion of a new kitchen boasting ample storage solutions, and the pursuit of a definitive design statement that harmonizes both furnishings and architecture.

Armed with this comprehensive understanding of the project's requirements and the existing state of the space, I now immerse myself in the creative journey of design and planning. This is where my expertise comes to life as I meticulously craft a vision that fulfills the client's objectives and breathes new life into the environment.


The existing floor plan in question exhibits the quintessential characteristics of a typical 2000s apartment, down to the finest details. It features an open space layout with white tile flooring, and primary colors are evident, such as the vibrant blue hue in the kitchen. Additionally, the utilization of materials such as glass near the kitchen corner and the abundant presence of spotlights embedded in the ceiling contribute to the space's overall ambiance.

To achieve the desired separation between the living area, dining area, and kitchen, it swiftly became apparent that a significant portion of our objective could be accomplished through a kitchen remodel. Moreover, upon closer examination, the generous layout of the dining area presented a unique opportunity to incorporate two non-load-bearing columns. These columns would not only provide a visual separation but also infuse architectural intricacy into the space, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal.


Upon witnessing and comprehending the striking visual impact of the design, my husband promptly embraced the proposed adjustment.

Design ohne Titel.png

Once the floor plan has been meticulously refined and approved, I delve into the intricate process of curating all the elements that constitute the design. From carefully selecting the door handles for the kitchen to meticulously choosing the lighting fixtures, materials, and furnishings, every detail is thoughtfully considered.

To ensure clear communication and a comprehensive understanding of my design concept, I rely heavily on visual aids. Utilizing a range of tools such as SketchUp Pro, Pcon-Planner, Milanote, Pinterest, and Microsoft Office, I create compelling visuals that vividly illustrate design ideas. Through these mediums, I am able to effectively convey the reasoning behind my recommendations and provide clients with a tangible glimpse of the finished product.

Design ohne Titel (2).png
Penthouse Lyss_Sideboard.png
Penthouse Lyss_Sideboard2.png
Design ohne Titel (1).png

Thorough and detailed construction documents hold immense value, streamlining the construction process for all parties involved. By providing comprehensive documentation, the project progresses swiftly, and the occurrence of inquiries is significantly minimized. As I meticulously craft these documents, I proactively address potential questions that may arise before construction commences.

The act of creating these drawings allows me to delve into the minute intricacies, refining the design and gaining a deeper understanding of potential challenges that may emerge down the line. It serves as a platform for working through small details, ensuring the design is honed to perfection.

It's important to note that my construction documents act as the foundation for professional execution by the construction company. They serve as a means of effective communication between myself, my clients, and the construction entities involved.


In line with my steadfast approach to all projects, I maintain a close collaboration with the contractor to meticulously oversee each stage of the construction process. Recognizing the importance of on-site decision-making, I make myself readily available to visit the site regularly, offering prompt responses to any inquiries that may surface. This hands-on involvement guarantees that every aspect of the project is closely monitored and ensures seamless communication between all parties involved.

There is nothing that impassions me more than infusing vitality into a space, enhancing its inherent beauty, and elevating the essence of a home.



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