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This project was not only a matter of the heart for Mariano but also a new challenge. It is not only the apartment of his longtime girlfriend but the  challenge to design the interior of a new constructed apartment. The young urban family, who is very arty and shares the same passion for interior design as Mariano, was actively involved in the interior design process. Thus, Mariano's focus in this project was mainly on interior design consulting.


The modern new constructed apartment with the beautiful oak flooring and the gray concrete ceiling convinces with very open spaces. It is the ideal playground for both young daughters, to invite friends or just to relax with the family. It was especially important in the furnishing to give the rooms a lot of warmth without hiding the modern character of the architecture.


The kitchen serves not only as a central meeting place for the family but also as a dining room for guests. Therefore, the kitchen should be both practical for everyday life but also comfortable to receive guests.  To contrast with the warm wood flooring, Mariano opted for a black wooden table that provides enough space for 6 people in everyday life but can be pulled open to invite more people. To provide the family with more work space in the kitchen, Mariano opted for an old wooden bench that can be tucked under the table. This way, the table can also be used as a kitchen island. The modern pendant light in chrome decorates the ceiling as if it were an art installation and emphasizes the modern architecture of the apartment.


As an art enthusiast and artist herself, a lot of objects that were used in the apartment were created by the client herself.


As the largest room of the apartment and at the same time the room with the most functions, the design of the living area was the most important part of the interior design consultation. Another special aspect of the living room is that it is placed in the center of the apartment. Accordingly, it also serves as a passageway to the family's private rooms and the powder room for guests.


It was therefore very important to Mariano that the passage remains free but that the living area is perceived as its own space and not as a passageway. As an anchor for the living area, Mariano chose a beautiful kilim rug that was already owned by the family. The rug is also the perfect play surface for both daughters. To visually enlarge the living area, darker furniture was used at both ends of the room and the sofa and art in the seating area were kept light. Color accents here are not only the beautiful carefully selected vintage furniture but also the urban art that reflects the family's character and passion. 

Here too, Mariano skillfully mixes the given modern style of architecture with the interior design. The Wassily armchairs, very light by design, create a natural passage to the private spaces of the family and integrate perfectly with the sofa landscape.


An important element and feature of Mariano's interior design style is the use of marble and granite. Whether as furniture or as an accessory, this element can often be found in his designs. Here, too, in the form of a vintage side table, Mariano relies on the natural material. A forgotten corner is thus optimally used as a storage space and looks very luxurious through the green granite and also frames the sofa.


On the other side of the living room, directly opposite the mango hardwood sideboard, a work corner was created. The old clockmaker's desk and the colorful art poster create depth to the space and enlarge the living area.


The perfect symbiosis of natural materials: leather, wood, stone and metal. According to Mariano and his client, it is the perfect combination to make rooms look natural and refined.


For the young parents, who are very busy at work, the sleeping area is mainly for relaxation. Therefore, it was important that the room looks very minimalist and offers the mind enough relaxation for a peaceful sleep. That's why the closets were hidden behind velvet curtains and the colors were purposefully kept in earth tones. The room should feel like being in a cocoon.


A small accent of color is brought by the family's collectibles that are elegantly stored in translucent boxes. The vintage chest of drawers that already belonged to the family integrates perfectly into the sleeping area and serves as a shelf for all the small treasures of the family.


Throughout the apartment you can find unique and beautiful art created by the client. It's a simple way to add a personal touch to any room and definitely an exciting topic of conversation for guests and family.

It was an absolute project of the heart for Mariano. It is also the perfect example of a successful interior design. Although the architecture looks modern and rather cold, all the rooms now radiate warmth and the interior design reflects both the style and character of the family.

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