Creative Director aka. Chief Virtuoso

Co-Owner and Member of the Board

The passion for fashion, art and music has accompanied Mariano Ronny Sulmoni since childhood. His professional career, however, led him first to the publishing industry, where he gained experience in marketing and also as an editor.


The desire to pursue a creative activity where he can bring all his talent, he could never find. Until (due to a coincidence) he applied to the Kandahar shoe manufactory. Since September 2017 he has been using his talent and skills as Creative Director. He also shares the management of the company with Manuel von Allmen (3rd generation) and is also a member of the Board of Directors.

"It was with great awe that I accepted the challenge of continuing the work of Dieter von Allmen.

Since the beginning it has been important for me to identify the common synergies

and to combine the aesthetics of Kandahar with mine ». Mariano Ronny Sulmoni


The new URBAN collection, which has been available since April 2019, was already under Mariano Sulmoni's management, so as a new logo, a new catalogue and already two campaigns.